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Wine Cellars have come a long way from the cold dark caves of yesteryear. 

It is thought that wine originated in the middle east around 6000 BC, then moved into Europe around 4500 BC. 

When most of us think of a classic wine cellar it is a European style cellar we envision.  Wine cellars (or Wine Rooms if they are located above ground) are places specifically designed and built for the storage and aging of wine. Historically, wine cellars were passive systems that used the earth itself as the climate control. Today’s wine cellars and wine rooms are almost always active cellars requiring climate control systems. In most of the wine growing regions of the world, the ambient temperature of the earth underground remains year-round at or close to the 56o needed for the proper aging and storage of wine.  Done right, the wine cellar or wine room can be your favorite room in the house combining your storage and tasting space into a real show stopper.  Our extensive experience in design, forged iron, hand-carved wood, and specialty finishes sets Unique Environments’ Wine Cellars apart.  We designed and build the Wine Cellar at the Pasadena Showcase House of Design in 1998.  The Discovery Channel featured us creating that cellar.

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