Want a Giant boulder, that weighs 10 times as much as your SUV, and there’s no possible way to get it into your yard?  The owner of
Unique Environments, Greg Abramowitz, developed a system to create faux stone that can be used to create giant stone boulders where natural stone would be impractical or impossible to install. 

The stone is made out of silica sand, grey Portland Cement, white Portland Cement, combined with various concrete colors, then poured and sculpted in place. The color is all the way through stone, and is the same color if ever chipped off, just like natural stone. Most other faux stone you see elsewhere is simply grey concrete that has been painted on the surface to look like stone. Their rocks need to be re-painted every few years… Not ours!

Our veining technique used on granite-style boulders is especially effective. Many colors and styles are possible to achieve a variety of distinct looks. It can look like protruding granite bedrock, or layers of sandstone just like the layers of the Grand Canyon. It can be used indoors or out, above or below water. It can be used underwater to create extremely natural looking rock ponds.

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Sculptured Stone

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